Heat Technology/Ovens

Heat ovens are designed to test the limits of products or components under various degrees of heat, and in some cases, drying. Browse below to see our selection of ovens including chest ovens, continuous oven systems, inert gas atmosphere chambers, tempering oven systems and more.

Drying Chamber for Coating Materials LTU 60/60 according EN1539 The LTU 60/60 is a drying oven for coating materials that contain solvents. Throughout the drying process the solvents are emitted from the surface coatings, varnishes, and impregnation resins which when mixed with air can result in an explosive atmosphere. The LTU 60/60 was designed to...
Changing the shape of fiber optical waveguides that are used to detect elementary particles.
The TU 60/60 drying oven offers an unparalleled level of performance when compared to the classical laboratory equipment. The TU 60/60 offers easy loading and unloading, has a small design and short heating times thanks to high powered heaters, short drying cycles courtesy of an optimized air flow with extensive air exchange as well as...
Built for tempering, ageing and distressing of metal parts, sintering of PTFE, etc.
The tempering ovens series VAW represent a construction concept which was proved, tested and enhanced over decades and therefore, is suitable for many heat treatment processes on different materials. Universal use up to 750°C in standard models. For applications with temperatures exceeding 400 °C, we offer customized solutions. The examples listed are only an extract of...
For the hardening of carbon fiber molded parts
These heating and drying ovens are available in 7 sizes with a comprehensive range of accessories, e.g. loading trolleys, temperature controller etc. They can be used globally for heating and drying processes in the production and research.
Built for the hardening processes in the manufacture of spectacle lenses made of plastic material.
Designed for hardening of large fiber-reinforced composite parts at 110°C.